The Black Youth Project and BYP100 will be joining other youth organizing and advocacy groups for #BarackTalk. 

Participants include:












and us @BYP_100 

The engaging dialogue will take place on Twitter from 7:30 to 11pm ET and will speak to issues that are of concern to young people of color.

All you need to do to join the conversation is follow the various organizations above and use the hashtag #BarackTalk when tweeting, retweeting or replying. So please join us this Tuesday @ 7:30pm.

Check out the schedule!

January 28, 2014

7:30 pm ET — @League99 Introduces #BarackTalk and #SOTY

Provides overview, goals and introduces  @GenYNotLive as the town hall moderator.

7:35 pm ET —Panel 1: Millennials Need a New Bottom Line to Gain Economic Security

Topics: poverty wages to women, unemployment, student debt, education, living wages

8:20 pm ET — Panel 2: Connecting the Cycle of Criminalization of Youth Color co-hosted by @BYP_100

Topics: war on drugs, immigration, voter suppression, prison to pipeline, and gun violence

9:00 pm ET — Watch President Obama’s 5th State of the Union (SOTU)

Share: rapid responses and thoughts on president’s speech in real time with hashtag #BarackTalk #SOTY

10:00 pm ET –The 1st Ever State of Youth (SOTY) debuts on

Phil Agnew of Dream Defenders delivers an address to Washington on behalf of our generation.