Remember just a few years ago when we had an economic crisis and all hell broke loose? And when President Bush got on TV warning us if we didn’t do something soon the whole economy would collapse? And when John McCain suspended his Presidential campaign and a big meeting was called in Washington to take immediate action? Remember when the big banks were deemed “too big to fail” and former Goldman Sachs executive and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, leaped into action vigorously advocating a  $800 billion dollar bailout? And when tremendous pressure was put on Senators and the Congress, to pass the bailout or face a economic Armageddon? Remember the whole process took like a week and a half and Wall Street walked away with hundreds of billions of taxpayer money and  no accountability?

Now fast forward to Labor Day 2011, we’re in the midst of a double dip recession, high unemployment, and a stalled economy. Wall Street is still awash in our billions while refusing to change their fraudulent practices or lend money to stimulate growth. And now that Main Street is suffering, facing higher prices and a grim jobs outlook, it’s no major crisis. So instead of bailing out working people, the President and Congress went on a few speaking tours, after cutting spending  making it even harder for working folks. Just a sad Labor Day reminder of who really matters to politicians, some of us it seems are too little to save.

PS: Real Gangstas always get their money