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Churches can aid black community
Reflector, Staff Writer, 8/20/12


The High Price of Obama’s Amnesty
Morgan Brittany, Finanace News, 8/21/12


Leaders urge blacks to register to vote
The Daily Commercial, Millard Ives, 8/21/12


Our Youth Must Stop Protesting and Start Studying Says Top Businessman
FRANCIS HWESHE, All African News, 8/22/12


A new collection examines the particular trials of gay men of color.
Lewis Whittington, City Paper, 8/23/12


Discipline disparities still a problem
Sun-Sentinel, Staff Writer, 8/23/12


Obama ignores plight of legal jobless
Staff Writer, The Baltimore Sun, 8/24/12


Maryland County Sees Drop in Suspensions of Black Students
Naeesa Aziz, BET News, 8/24/12


American parent, youth march in Highland Park
Click On, Staff Writer, 8/25/12


Public Works: Fighting Gangs, Guns, and Youth Violence
PATRICK METZGER, Torontoist, 8/26/12