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Penn studies African-American athlete graduations
The Philadelphia Sunday , Staff Writer, 12/10/12

UT Law Professor Says Blacks and Mexican-Americans Can’t Compete with White Students
Cord Jefferson , Gawker News, 12/11/12

Teens in Abusive Relationships Likelier to Engage in “Anti-Social” Behaviors as Adults, Says New Report
Youth Today , Staff Writer, 12/11/12

The Incomplete Story Told by California’s Declining Juvenile Arrest Rates
Will Matthews, ACLU News, 12/12/12

UT Professor Blames Latino and Black Students poor academics on being raised poor
Staff Writer , 12/12/12

Michigan: Panel Seeks to Educate African-American Students on HIV/AIDS
CDC News, Staff Writer, 12/13/12

How do U.S. Students Compare with their Peers around the World?
Arne Duncan , 12/14/12, Huffington Post

We must stop killing of Black teen
Lucius Gantt, Florida Courier , 12/15/12

Affirmative action case draws attention of Boston college students and school officials
Jamie Ducharme, Boston Globe , 12/15/12

Uproar over killings of black youths in Sao Paulo
Staff Writer, France 24 News, 12/16/12

School-to-Prison Pipeline a Likely Reality for Black and Latino Youth
Innis Buggs, Politico 365, 12/16/12