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Higher Ed Is Still Pretty Segregated
Jamelle Bouie, The American Prospect, 1/9/13

When it comes to racial segregation in higher education, the good news—according to a new paper from a professor at Georgetown University—is that four-year colleges are now less segregated than they were in the 1960s. The bad news is that they’re still pretty segregated. Here are the key findings:

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BUSD to Tackle Achievement Gap for Black Students
Staff Writer, Berkeley Patch, 1/8/13


How Will Obama Handle HBCUs?
Ivory A. Toldson, The Root, 1/10/13


Why Black and Hispanic Kids Need GSA
The Advocate, C. Jacobs, 1/11/13


David Steward to help Boy Scouts outreach to black youth
Rebecca S. Rivas, St. Louis American, 1/11/13


Proposed closings hit Black students most
The Notebook, Paul Socolar, 1/12/13


Police Arrest Teen Planning to Bomb Gay, Black Students
Sergio N. Candido, SFGN News, 1/12/13


Minority, white youth detention trends compared
Angie Haflich, The Telegram, 1/13/12


Glasper Experiment Redefine ‘Black Radio’
Matthew Trammell, Rolling Stone, 1/13/13