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Youth wage subsidies no solution
Phindile Kunene, Politics Web, 6/18/12


Woman promotes ancestral black community
Kayla Bell, The Advocatee, 6/18/12


Racial double-standards
The Washington Examiner, Walter Williams, 6/18/12


State ACLU complaint says Fall River schools suspend too many black, Latino, disabled students
Will Richmond, The Herald News, 6/20/12


Baldwin Park man earns doctorate in education despite obstacles
Claudia S. Palma, SBV Tribune, 6/21/12


For minority college students, STEM degrees pay
PHYS News, Staff Writer, 6/22/12


What does a black man need to teach his son about manhood?
Times Live, Kopano Ratele, 6/22/12


Cleveland’s Youth on Violence Forum
WOIO News, Staff Writer, 6/23/12


Resilient Response: NYC Youth Join Stop-and-Frisk Debate
Alina Mogilyanskaya, Indypendent Truth, 6/24/12