A toxicology report released regarding the death of Renisha McBride found a high level of alcohol in her system. The report, released Thursday by the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office says McBride’s blood-alcohol level was about 0.22 at the time of her death.

That’s more than twice the legal limit for driving. She also tested positive for marijuana, but the report is recommending a second test before confirming that discovery.

From Huffington Post:

Police believe McBride was involved in a nearby car accident, and her family says she likely approached the home seeking help. Prosecutors have been reviewing whether to charge the 54-year-old homeowner. They have scheduled a news conference for Friday.

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McBride family attorney Gerald Thurswell says her alcohol level isn’t “relevant” to the shooting.

Thoughts on how this discovery will play out in court?

Is the fact that Renisha McBride was under the influence justify the shooting in any way?

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