Members of the University of Alabama’s Student Government Association voted not to integrate the school’s Greek system.

At the final session of the 2013-14 SGA Senate, the proposed resolution in support of the full integration died after being sent to committee instead of receiving a vote. 

From The Crimson White:

Katie Smith, the lead sponsor and author of Resolution #R-XX-14, introduced the resolution to the floor, but per Senate rules, a period of technical questions followed, Chisholm Allenlundy, another sponsor of the resolution, said.

Allenlundy said that following the technical questions period, a senator moved for the resolution to be sent to committee. At the beginning of the meeting, Speaker of the Senate Cole Adams informed the senators that any legislation or resolutions that were not voted on would die because the next meeting of the Senate would be of the 2014-15 Senate.

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27 of the senators in attendance voted yes to keep the bill from being voted on, 5 voted no, and 2 present.

Allenlundy thinks the resolution failed because some of the Greek senators may have thought the wording was too critical of the Greek system.

Should white and black Greek organizations be integrated into one system?

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