A 64-year-old deaf man who was  beaten by police for 7 minutes allegedly fled the scene of an accident prior to the incident.

Pearl Pearson, who also suffers from diabetes, was hospitalized as a result of the altercation. His family says two Oklahoma City troopers used excessive force when they pulled Pearson over.

From Huffington Post:

The troopers stopped Pearson because he allegedly fled the scene of a car accident in south Oklahoma City. When they stopped him, he “resisted Trooper Foster and Trooper Hayes … [and] refused to comply with repeated lawful orders to display his hands,” according to a police affidavit.

“A physical altercation ensued for approximately seven minutes,” the affidavit states.

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The document does not state whether the troopers were aware that Pearson is hearing impaired. Pearson was taken into custody at the scene and later charged with leaving the scene of an accident and resisting arrest.

His attorney Billy Coyle denied any wrongdoing on Pearson’s part in the Jan. 3 altercation. The officers have been suspended with pay pending an investigation.

Does knowledge of Pearson fleeing the scene of a car accident change your perspective of the incident?

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