A Texas death row inmate who pinned a letter to a member of Gawker media declaring his innocence has been executed.

Ray Jasper, 33, was put to death by lethal injection Wednesday. He was convicted fourteen years ago for the murder and robbery of a San Antonio recording studio owner. 

From KENS 5:

Jasper was 19-year-old when he and two men attacked David Alejandro at his San Antonio recording studio. Jasper was a rap musician with his own record label.

Jasper claims that while he slashed Alejandro’s throat, it was a partner that delivered the fatal stab wounds but prosecutors said Jasper masterminded the attack.

According to the incident’s summary, Jasper walked up behind Alejandro and slit his throat. He then had Alejandro covered with a black sheet  in order to “not look at him.” Jasper then took between $10,000 and $30,000 worth of recording equipment.

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In the seven-page letter written to Gawker media, Jasper talks about the prison system being an industry and how prisoners are slaves.

The letter garnered more than 1.7 million views.

Steven Alejandro, the victim’s brother wrote a letter back to Gawker claiming Jasper was not remorseful for the death and still did not take blame.

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