Venture For America To Place Young Entrepreneurs In Struggling Cities

Huffington Post | July 25, 2011

A new nonprofit is pairing creative, eager entrepreneurs with distressed cities nationwide.

Venture for America, modeled after Teach For America, is confident it can do for business what TFA has done for schools. Just as the successful education nonprofit puts high-performing college grads to work at schools in disadvantaged areas, VFA will recruit top college graduates to work for two years at business startups in hurting cities such as Detroit, New Orleans and Providence, R.I., according to Silicon Republic.

The program seeks to help jumpstart the local economy starting next month through specific fields such as renewable energy development, health care innovation, nanotechnology and education.

“Our goal is to have a micro-impact,” VFA president Andrew Yang told Boston Herald. “We want to be as big as possible and do as much good as possible. We want to rebuild the economy.”  (Read more)