A video billboard portraying President Obama as Hitler has been removed.

The sign was housed at Kendallville, Indiana’s Cornerstone Plaza.

From NewsChannel 15:

…crew drove to Kendallville on Tuesday and the sign portraying President Barack Obama with an Adolf Hitler mustache and the message “Impeach Obama” appeared to have been removed. The sign caused much controversy in the city. “The first thing I thought of with that little mustache of Hitler, I didn’t like it,” said Billy Wright, of Kendallville.

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Many were outraged by the sign. Kendallville Mayor Suzanne Handshoe said this is not the picture she wants painted about her city. 

“It’s too bad because it does mark the businesses and the town,” she said. “All the hard work that we put forward as a community to change our image, to be a positive, growing community, and then a sign like this appears. It just undoes everything we’ve been doing,” she told NewsChannel 15.

The LaRouchePac political action committee who sponsored the sign say they wanted to inform people that a political fight is happening. Group members were in town over the weekend talking about the process of impeaching the president.

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