Sept 19- 25th


University of Tennessee Martin’s First Black Student Remembers Challenges
Staff Writer, The associated Press, 9/19/11


Berkeley, California Schools Number One In Black Student Success
Staff Writer, News One, 9/20/11


Achievement gap progressively narrows
Sara Toth, Baltimore Sun, 9/20/11


Retention of black students at K-State remains problem
Cooper Mach, Kansas State Collegian, 9/22/11


A celebration of desegregation
Jasmine Brooks, The Pacer, 9/23/11


What’s in The Heart of Black America?
Danielle Wright, BET, 9/23/11


DCC fair showcases historically black colleges
Shantal Parris Riley, Pough Journal, 9/24/11


Is Society Suitably Preparing Black And Hispanic Students To Be STEM Innovators?
Cynthia Wright, The Atlanta Post, 9/23/11


Oak Park high school struggles to narrow ACT gap between whites, blacks
Jim Jaworsk, Chicago Tribune, 9/20/11


African American Women’s Leadership Conference
Eastern Iowa Life, Staff Writer, 9/19/11