An interesting trend executed by white women on social media is emerging.

A growing number of Caucasian females are using the #nappyhair hashtag to describe their locs. 

From Black Girl Long Hair:

Recently, in yet another attempt to claim something that Black people had all to themselves, white women have taken it upon themselves to use “nappy” to describe their own hair. Just search Instagram or Twitter for yourself – you’ll find mixed in between the thousands of pictures of fly black women with natural hair of all lengths, textures, and colors a spattering of photos from white women with straight hair. Click on a few and you’ll find that #nappyhair is used synonymously with fresh out of bed hair, frizzy hair, lazy hair days, or bad hair days.

This trend was originally brought to light by Buzzfeed’s recent “17 People Who Totally Have Afros” and it’s followup on Tea and Breakfast, “13 People Who Totally Have Nappy Hair,” which both spotlight – you guessed it – people with neither afros nor natural hair.

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What are your thoughts on white women using the term “nappy” to describe their hair?

Is it offensive?

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