Ester Dean is widely recognized for her role in the feature film “Pitch Perfect,” but that isn’t all that she should be known for.

If you’re rocking to a top 40 pop song of the super sexy variety, chances are Dean wrote it. 

From Celebrity Networth:

Ester Dean is an incredibly successful songwriter.  At just 28, she has written a staggering number of hit songs for everyone from Keyshia Cole, to T.I, to Rihanna, to Mary J. Blige, to Selena Gomez, and the list goes on.  She is known for writing grown-up, bump and grind anthems, and has been quietly amassing a major career since she was in her late teens.

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Dean, who hails from Muskogee, Oklahoma, grew up in a family of musicians. She originally wanted to be a chef, but her family pushed her into music, which she fell in love with.

She wrote Rihanna’s “Rude Boy,” which ranked No. 1 on Billboard charts. The track also sold more than 3 million units. Dean was signed to Interscope records, and pretty much began writing for just about everyone. Other popular tracks written by Dean include Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass,” Katy Perry’s “Firework,” and Trey Songz’s “Already Taken.”

Outstanding Ms. Dean. 

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