Poor George Zimmerman?

Some in the media actually want us to feel sorry for George Zimmerman. Yes, the self appointed neighborhood watch captain, habitual 911 caller, police officer assaulter, domestic abuser, black child stalker, 911 operator ignorer, racial slur user, and unarmed black teenager killer. The same George Zimmerman who still hasn’t been arrested after killing Trayvon Martin over a month ago. Now we’re being told we should feel sorry for him because he’s being “demonized” in the media. Supporters even complained the only picture the media used of him was a mugshot! Really? Welcome to our world George. Black men have been demonized by the media since the invention of media. Trayvon is still being labeled a thug, even after he was shot down with nothing but skittles in his pocket, and tests proved Trayvon was not under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

It doesn’t matter that George Zimmerman’s story, unbelievable as it already was, is falling apart more and more each day. That forensic experts are saying that it’s a scientific certainty it’s not George Zimmerman screaming for help on the 911 call. That video from the night shows George with no marks, coupled with the funeral director’s account of a unmarked, unbruised Trayvon. Sanford’s own investigators didn’t believe George’s lies and were ready to charge him with manslaughter, even before all of this evidence was available to the public. That’s of course until Chief Bill Lee, who has since stepped down, and state attorney Norman Wolfinger, who has now removed himself from the case, let George walk free. So now let me get this straight, George Zimmerman followed, confronted, and murdered an unarmed boy, then lied to the police, but he’s the victim?

Now the new focus is on “media blunders”, rushing to judgement and even calls for justice for George Zimmerman. Media outlets are scrambling to either distract us with pundit beef, or bounties, or find something to support the Zimmerman family’s outrageous claims. Even ABC’s enhanced video claiming to show “gashes” on Zimmerman’s head is borderline ridiculous, considering how much the head bleeds from even the smallest cut, and the fact the police have no gloves on. How come ABC didn’t enhance his face to see if his nose was broken? Zimmerman supporters are even throwing down cold hard cash to help his legal defense.

I have a very simple solution. If you don’t want George Zimmerman tried in the media, arrest him, so he can be tried in a court of law.