Can we all just take a moment and marinate on the fact that Willow Smith is TEN YEARS OLD. 


 Now check out her new track with Nicki Minaj, the aptly-titled “Fireball.”


 Crazy, right?

This gets our stamp of approval. It somehow manages to be straight-up, unadulterated, red hot FIYAH, while still being 110% age appropriate.

Willow Smith is an insanely gifted vocalist for a preteen. She’s all cuteness and swag behind the mic; no fear and not a hint of amateurishness. Un-real.

And obviously, Nicki comes correct here as well.

So what’s up, Jay? Where’s that Roc Nation debut?

Something tells me no amount of record label A&R blundering can mess this one up.

Thoughts on Willow’s new track?