A Detroit Limousine company had a few choice words for a woman who hung up on them. Candis Doss, 25, called Detroit Limo Party Bus to book a vehicle for her mother’s birthday.

Her phone dropped the call while she was driving and she received a text message from the number she called soon after. “Why do black people always just hang up…Is it an inherited thing to be rude? or is it because you were slaves for so long?”

From Fox 2:

Doss says racism is something she’s never really experienced until she received the text message. “It never happened to me, or somebody that was just close to me, where I could feel what they feel. I feel what everybody feels now, I mean, it’s just like – when is it gonna stop?” she shares¬†with Fox 2’s Amy Lange.¬†Fox 2 called the company and it responded saying it will look into the situation and find out who sent the text.

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Another limousine company, Metro Party Bus and Limousine heard about the situation and offered Doss a free limousine for her mother’s party.

Unbelievable. You would think people would be a lot smarter these days.

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