‘World of Money’ teaches dollars and sense to black youth

Michelle Balani, The Grio | August 11, 2011

Many adults never quite master the concept of managing their finances but several New York City youngsters are now one step closer to becoming well versed in the language of money. They are all graduates of three week Financial Education Training program put on by the World of Money, a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to empowering underserved youth by teaching them how to learn, earn, save, invest and donate.

Sabrina Lamb launched World of Money in 2005 after attending a financial seminar. As she listened to the lessons that day, she thought about how beneficial it would be if children could learn these concepts at an early age. That whisper of a thought turned out to be one of the greatest inspirations her life, and now, six years later, she has helped hundreds of young people become more financially savvy.

According to the Council for Economic Education, only 13 states require students to take a financial literacy-type course in high school. Programs like the World of Money are helping to fill that void and are providing young people with the tools they will need to secure a better financial future. And given that the nation’s economy is at a virtual standstill, teaching the next generation about budgeting, money management, investing, disciplined saving and responsible credit card usage could be one of the best defenses against economic uncertainty in the coming years.  (Read more)