On April 12th, 27 year-old Tamon Robinson was run over by an NYPD police car after being suspected of stealing cobblestones.

According to family, Robinson was a barista, and also sold building materials on the side. Witnesses say Robinson had permission to take the stones. The police didn’t think so however, and chased him down with their vehicle, striking and killing him. Neighbors began yelling “We saw what you did” out of their windows as the officers ordered an unconscious Robinson to “get up.”

The NYPD officers claim Robinson’s death was an accident, and that he actually ran into them. Meanwhile, yet another family now seeks justice after the senseless death of an unarmed black male.

From the Huffington Post:

“‘They never came to me still to this day and said that your son was involved in any kind of incident or anything. Nothing, I didn’t even know,’ Robinson’s mother, Laverne Dobbinson told reporters of the NYPD Tuesday, according to NY1.

‘The penalty for stealing paving stones is not death,’ added Sanford Rubenstein, a lawyer for Robinson’s family.”

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Do you believe the officers’ account of what happened to Tamon Robinson?

Is it time for the Justice Department to investigate the NYPD’s treatment of black males.

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