An amazing young author has published her second book, and she’s just 13. 

Angela Content’s mother Mary Content said she knew her daughter wanted to share her stories with the world. 

From CBS New York:

“At first she said, ‘Mommy, I’m going to write a book. I’m writing my own book,’ I said, ‘OK.’ She said, I’m going to publish it. I said, ‘OK,’” said Marie Content. But Angela’s mother was pretty shocked when it actually happened.

“And then finally one day she said: ‘Mommy, my book is going to publish. I already transmitted everything — it’s going to take 24 hours, they’re going to review it. I said, ‘OK,’” Marie Content said. “And then the next day, I heard it’s on Amazon. I’m like, ‘Oh my God!’”

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Angela self-published two books, her sci-fi fantasy “Awake and Alive” and her romance novel “Shattered.” They are now available for purchase on several sites, including Barnes and Noble and

It takes Angela about three months to finish a book, with her latest being around 200 pages. She always writes by hand to help her stories flow.

“Whatever pops in my head, I just continue writing it,” Angela said. “It just flows on paper. On the computer, I just kind of get stuck.” Angela told CBS New York. She’s currently working on two other books set for release this summer.

Her message to her peers?  “Continue to follow your dreams,” she said. “You’re going to feel great once you actually accomplish what you set your mind to.”


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