Aries Clark, 16, was shot and killed by Arkansas police outside of an emergency youth shelter. No one has said why Clark was shot, or even why police were called to the scene, but Clark died hours after the incident at a local hospital. 

Clark’s parents told WMC that they sent him to the shelter for help because he was being “disruptive.”

“He was just being unruly,” Clark’s father told WMC. “He ran away from home twice, so we needed help with him. We just went from needing some help to the next thing we know he’s dead.”

“I never expected not to see my son again. I had saw him that Thursday, and we were trying to figure out how we were going to do therapy to get help for him,” his mother Vicky Clark said.

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The Arkansas State Police department declined to offer much information about the shooting, leading to more questions and speculation from the public. As of now, unconfirmed rumors are circulating that Clark was carrying a bb gun at the time of the shooting and raised it in the air.

Two officers have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. State prosecutors will take over the investigation and determine if the officers should be charged with a crime.

“The staff and administration greatly appreciate the support of law enforcement, mental health professionals, and all public services in dealing with this situation and in performing our ongoing work with young people,” said Madelyn Keith,East Arkansas Youth Services’ executive director and CEO.