Secret Service can’t pay agents anymore for guarding Trump

Remember back when Donald Trump criticized President Barack Obama for spending too much time out of the White House? Well, like many other things, the President* has doubled back on that and has spent significantly more time outside of the White House in just a few months in office.

As a matter of fact, Trump and his family have been traveling so much that the Secret Service can’t pay agents anymore to protect them. More than 1,000 agents have already reached the cap that was meant to last the entire year. 

Woman breaks silence to accuse R. Kelly of underage sexual abuse

R. Kelly’s name has been associated with sexual deviance and abuse for more than a decade. For many, it started when he was acquitted after appearing in court for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old girl. However, the history goes back much further.

New life was breathed into the scandal of R. Kelly’s past when Buzzfeed published an article accusing the singer of running a sexual cult where he manipulates young women into being completely dependent on him and cutting ties with their families.

Petition started to replace Confederate statue with sculpture of Missy Elliot

With the nationwide campaign to remove Confederate monuments growing in popularity, different strategies are coming to the forefront. Most statues are just being removed as quickly as possible with no future plans announced for the spots where they once rested. A resident of Portsmouth, Va. may have come up with a great idea.