Bill Cosby wants to lecture people on sexual-assault, seriously

Do you remember the outrage the first time O.J. Simpson tried publishing a book titled If I Did It? This may be even worse. Bill Cosby wasted no time when it comes to capitalizing on the mistrial that was declared in his sexual assault case last week. Known just as much for his comedy as he is for standing on a soapbox, Cosby plans to go on a tour lecturing teens on sexual assault accusations, according to USA Today.

How I am managing toxic relationships with Bill Cosby rape apologists

I’m sure my relationship to Bill Cosby and his brand is similar to that of millions of other people. Before I reached adolescence, he’d already taught me weekly life lessons as Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show and made me laugh with his G-rated comedy routines. To show how deep my family’s appreciation of the Cosby brand goes, my grandfather even has two cats named Rudy and Bud. However, I’ve taken many steps back in my support – for obvious reasons.