Since the election cycle, the number of hate crimes have risen across the board, affecting multiple groups of minorities and people of color. The latest example cites a Hmong family in Oakdale, Minnesota who woke up the a racial slur spray painted on their garage. 

“We don’t have words to describe how we feel,” Linda Xiong, who lives with her siblings and parents in the house, told WCCO.

The Huffington Post reports that a newspaper delivery person reportedly told the family early Sunday morning when he saw the crude markings. Police claim that it was done in the early morning hours after a car in the area was also vandalized.

While this incident shows some of the uglier spots of humanity, it also lead to some bright ones as members of the community rushed to support the Xiong family.

Not only did people show their support by sending kind messages of support on social media, but neighbors also came to help clean the garage so that the Xiong family could start to put this behind them.

“To all my family, cousins, friends, neighborhood friends and social media friends.. on behalf of my family I want to thank you all for those who have personally helped out today with cleaning up the mess, messaged, shared and commented to support me and my family to be stronger than before..,” TL Xiong said on Facebook.

Unfortunately, this won’t be the last act of racism committed against innocent people.