I Believe In the Self-Determination of Black People, Not the Oscars


By Dominique Hazzard

I don’t really care about the Oscars. I’m not a movie buff, I think awards shows are boring, and I don’t give a huge amount of weight to the artistic judgements of a bunch of hand selected old white men with ballots. Being too invested in receiving affirmation from whiteness and white institutions will always leave you disappointed, let down by something that was never made for you. Yet still I have to admit that I care about who is nominated for Oscars, as these nods have real consequences and contain important information about the valuation of black talent.

It’s Not Just the Cops


“We must muster outrage over the routine dehumanization that happens in our criminal-justice system, rather than reserve it for the most extraordinary instances of injustice, if we are to maintain a movement for change,” writes Jonathan Rapping at the Nation.