Tanisha Anderson’s Death Ruled a Homicide

Tanisha Anderson

Tanisha Anderson (Photo courtesy of the Anderson family)

The death of Tanisha Anderson, the 37-year-old woman killed by Cleveland police, has been ruled a homicide.

The Northeast Ohio Media Group reports that the official report from the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office, states that “sudden death associated with physical restraint in a prone position.” A representative from the office noted that Anderson’s heart disease and bipolar disorder were factors that increased her chances of sudden death.

Anderson’s family called the police twice on November 13th, to report that she was disturbing the peace. Anderson was experiencing an episode and agreed to be taken to hospital for a mental health evaluation.

#Black Brunch: Disrupting White Spaces

Black Brunch NYC (Photo courtesy of Black Brunch NYC)

Black Brunch NYC (Photo courtesy of Black Brunch NYC)

From Oakland to New York, young protesters are taking it to brunch.

Over the weekend, protesters entered popular eateries in New York and Oakland and called out the names of those killed by police violence.

According to the Washington Post, more than thirty participants filled the restaurants. The disruptions lasted for four-and-a-half minutes to represent the four-and-a-half hours that Michael Brown was left in the street after being killed by former Ferguson, Missouri officer, Darren Wilson.


This Is Why I Am Afraid of the Police



The following piece is from Huffington Post. It was written by Jonathan Walton.

By: Jonathan Walton

This past weekend, thousands of New York City police officers turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio at the funeral of Officer Rafael Ramos at Christ Tabernacle in Glendale, New York. It is now widely known that Officer Ramos saw his work in the NYPD as his ministry. That means his work was centered on loving God and his neighbors through being a police officer.

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Why aren’t we talking about the death of Victor White III?


The following piece is from The Grio. It was written by Mwende Katwiwa.

By: Mwende Katwiwa

Most Americans are familiar with Harry Houdini. Houdini earned such notoriety for his famous escape acts that to this day criminals who get loose from their handcuffs are often described as having “Houdinied” their way out. In New Iberia, Louisiana, however, Houdini’s name is being used in a slightly different way to describe the alleged suicide of 22-year-old Victor White III who died in police custody in what family lawyer Benjamin Crump describes as a“Houdini handcuff” suicide that “defies all logic”.

Video: ‘Light Girls’ film to explore colorism in Black community



Light Girls


Making its world-premiere as part of the Oprah Winfrey Network’s (OWN) month-long celebration honoring civil rights legends will be “Light Girls,” Bill Duke’s documentary.

The film, which is a follow-up to Duke’s “Dark Girls,” the critically-acclaimed film that focused on the narratives of dark-skinned women, will tell the untold stories of lighter-skinned women around the globe. 

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NYPD Strategy: Be Strict on Small Crimes to Deter Major Ones; Critics Say Policy Targets Blacks

The following piece is from The Root. It was written by Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele.

By: Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele

Critics say the “broken windows” approach that New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is defending is nothing but a regurgitation of the stop-and-frisk policy that targeted African-American and Hispanic men.

Head of state for Iran tweets support for #BlackLivesMatter movement



Iran’s head of state Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reportedly tweeted his support of the #BlackLivesMatter protests that have denounced the recent police killings of black people in America.

A series of tweets came from Khamenei’s account that made clear references to the ongoing movement in the U.S. in an effort to call attention to the racial biases that exist in law enforcement and the justice system. 

Target refuses to apologize for racist ‘Annie’ ad




Major retail chain Target is refusing to apologize for releasing an ad promoting a clothing line for the film “Annie” starring Quvenzhané Wallis.

Target came under criticism for using white models to advertise the Annie-themed clothing line instead of children of color. The corporation released the following statement in response to the backlash.