Over the past month I have been writing on the good and bad of “The Ballroom Scene.” Now I want to take a moment to explain more about the rising underground dance, that is becoming one of the new “black arts.”  If homophobic, masculine idolizing, intolerant schools like Morehouse would be a little more open minded, maybe our black community could learn to accept things that are different. (Making a reference to Morehouse’s new anti-gay dress code)

Some are disgusted when they observe this new black art taking place. I would assert that people are still afraid of anything different. While, I cannot vogue and have many criticisms about the scene, I still know to respect both the Art and the people who choose to be in the ballroom scene.

It really is a very artistic and creative style of dance. It has impacted performers like Beyonce, Brittney Spears, Janet Jackson. Madonna even made a song about it, after she witnessed a vogue performance.

There are four different aspects to this erupting style of dance. When an individual contends that they vogue, it means they compose 5 different associations into a fluid and rhythmic style of movement.

blog #18 dipping

1.Cat Walk

2. Dip

3. Hand Placements

4. Duck Walk

5. Spins

The Incorporation of these styles into a new type of dance is many times referred to as “vogue fem.” Below is a list of the different categories in the competition aspect of the Ballroom Scene.

  • Butch Queen/Fem Queen Vogue Fem- Give a stunning performance using the 5 elements of vogue: hand placements, spins, catwalk, duckwalk, and dips
  • BQ Realness- Judged on participants ability to personify Thug, Pretty Boy, School Boy, or Executive.
  • BQ/FQ Realness With a Twist (Twister)- Judged on participant’s ability to personify masculine traits and then come back and vogue fem.
  • BQ/FQ Runway- Judged on participants ability to catwalk, usually with a requested outfit or color
  • Bizarre- Judged on participants creativity to design a costume based on what the category asks for
  • Labels- Judged on how many of the current most popular labels a participant is wearing and their authenticity
  • BQ/FQ Face- Showing off your clean, perfect, smooth face
  • BQ/FQ Sex Siren- Giving sex appeal mostly in sexy underwear such as thongs, briefs, or bikinis
  • Dipology- like Vogue Fem, but spins into dips only
  • European Runway- Showing how many of Europe’s labels of the year you are wearing
  • Butch queen up in pumps- Basically the same as Labels or Runway but you must wear heels usually 6 inches or more.
  • FQ/BQ in Drag Female Figure Performance- Give a performance (usually lip synched) of a famous female figure
  • Hands Performance- Give a vogueing performance using hands only
  • Virgin Vogue Fem- The same as vogue fem but for participants that have been vogueing for less than 2 years
  • Virgin Runway- The same as Runway but for participants that have been walking Runway or less than 2 years

“They make fun of you because your different, but you should make fun of them because they are all the same.”