Queen Like Me: new children’s book tells stories of powerful black women


There’s a new book available that seeks to empower young black girls. And it’s doing so by telling the true stories of 15 influential women from the past and present.

Queen Like Me: The True Story of Girls Who Changed the World, chronicles the life and times of powerful women of color, and the legacy they’ve left behind or are still creating. 

A list of empowering books for little black girls

It’s difficult for girls of color to build a healthy self esteem in this world. With images telling them that how they look isn’t quite good enough, it’s very important for little girls to have a great sense of self worth and empowerment about not just their looks, but who they are as a whole.

We can’t rely on outside forces to teach our girls to love themselves. It must start at an early age and in the home. For Harriet  put together a nice list of empowering books for little black girls.