The retrial for Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case was scheduled to take place Nov. 6. However, plans have changed. NBC News reports that the retrial has been pushed back until spring of 2018 after Cosby’s defense attorney made a request to postpone jury selection. 

“We’re ready to proceed, as we told you before. We are confident in our case and the evidence and we’ll be ready when we get the trial date from the judge,” Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said, according to ABC News. “It’s a case that deserves a verdict and we have to get there.”

The defense also made a surprising decision by stating that it wouldn’t request for jurors to selected from outside of Montgomery County, which is where the alleged assault occurred. During the first trial, jurors were selected from Allegheny County to prevent the jury from being too biased.

Cosby’s legal team is led by Tom Mesereau, who is mostly recognized for representing Michael Jackson in court.

Cosby has been charged with sexual assault after Andrea Constand accused him of giving her pills in 2004 and then raping her while she was unable to offer consent. Constand is only one of dozens of women who have accused the comedian of sexual assault in the past.