White guilt can make people do the wildest, most unexpected things. A predominantly Black church in South Carolina was surprised recently when it received an anonymous donation in the mail a few weeks ago.

When Rev. Michael Sullivan of the Nicholtown Presbyterian Church opened the envelope, he saw a check for $2,000 and a letter from a former “terrible racist,” according to Fox Carolina.

“I am white and used to be a terrible racist,” the letter reads. “Thanks to Jesus and the Holy Spirit acting through the Presbyterian Church, I have been cleansed of that.”

“I send this donation as a heartfelt apology to the African American community, as a sign of God’s love for you and as a sign for my love for you as well,” it continued to say.

The donation could not have come at a better time for the church. Beverly Kelly, pastor of Mattoon Presbyterian Church and moderator of the session for Nicholtown Presbyterian, said that she was on the verge of applying for a $1,400 grant so the church could transport neighborhood kids to and from church.

“It’s like a miracle,” Kelly told the Greensville News. “That mission has been something from Sunday to Sunday, and we always find some way to feed them.”

“I would like to meet and have a conversation with someone who has made such a change and be able to thank them in person,” she added.

On the list of weird white guilt side effects, donating money is probably on the right side of the spectrum. A prime example of the other side can be found below: