WT Stevens, a Black-owned construction company based in Flint, has been announced as “one of just four companies recently contracted—under a court order—to replace more than 18,000 lead corroded pipes,” according to the Network Journal.

The company was opened up by its namesake in the 1990s and was transitioned to his children after he passed away in 2002.  That’s when Rhonda Grayer, current vice president of the company and daughter of Stevens, started working with her siblings to run operations.

“This is home for me and my family and I wasn’t going to sit back and do nothing as a person or as a businessman,” Grayer told TNJ.com.

Grayer told the Hub Flint that the company had hired more than two dozen employees to carry out the project, including ex-offenders and local youth.

“[My father] trained many people … This is the biggest project we’ve done,” she continued. “I will tell you that it is really exciting and the most important part of it is the opportunity to employ people who may not have had other opportunities.”

The current plan is for the 18,000 corroded pipes in Flint to be replaced by December 2019, with 6,000 being replaced by the end of the year.