A Black University of Texas student Bryan Davis was hit with a bleach-filled balloon by white classmates on Wednesday.

The incident is one of many racially-motivated attacks in recent years at U of Texas. Davis says he no longer feels safe on campus.

The Austin police say the incident is under investigation.

From Think Progress:


Moreover, this attack appears to be part of a chain of similar assaults targeting students of color on the Texas campus. Last October, Austin police launched an investigation intofour similar attacks on UT students, all of which targeted Asian or African Americans.

Davis told the Burnt Orange Report’s Ben Sherman that he doesn’t “feel safe walking around West Campus by myself” after the incident, and worried that incidents such as this one can poison the entire campus. “I talked to my sister an hour ago,” said Davis. “She’s a freshman at Xavier University. I always tease her about how she should come to UT, but when I was talking to her on the phone about it, I was talking about why that was no longer a good idea, for her physical safety. UT is supposed to have the atmosphere of the entire city, it’s supposed to be progressive and forward-thinking, and here we are with hate crimes still taking place.”

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Thoughts on yet another racist attack on a student of color at a college campus?

What should the University of Texas do to make their school’s culture one where incidents like these don’t happen?

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