By: Chaya Crowder

For me, this presidential election season has been characterized by apathy. As a political scientist, I have been grappling with Paul Frymer’s notion of “electoral capture,” the idea that Black people as a whole essentially have no choice but to vote for the Democratic nominee. Perhaps Black Twitter best summed this up with the recent hashtags #GuessImWithHer and #GirlIGuessImWithHer. They are both hilarious and depressing.

On the one hand, we are seemingly forced to vote for a party that has been at best unresponsive and at worst actively malicious towards Black Americans (because they already know that our vote is “promised” to them).

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On the other hand, we face a party that has been rather open with its racism this presidential primary season (because they know that the chances of Black people voting for them are slim to none). Bernie Sanders provided some form of refuge from politics as usual, through his imperfections. Nevertheless, with Clinton’s primary victories this week, visions of Bernie’s democratic-socialism are quickly burning out.

In fact, in only a day, the hashtags have already began to trend from less than enthusiastic Hillary supporters. Unsurprisingly, many of these skeptic supporters are Black people that feel that they are #StraightOuttaOptions.

Read some of the funnier ones below.


Photo: Twitter