5 Things I Would Rather Write About than Donald Trump

I write for The Black Youth Project blog about twice a week. I love news media and think a free and fair press is essential to holding centers of power accountable. But it seems like, as of late, the only center of power dominating the press cycle is dumpster fire of a president Donald Trump.

Now, I have covered Trump. Extensively. And I believe it is my job as a political writer, particularly someone with the perspective of political science, to highlight the injustices and incompetence of the Trump administration.

Trump Wants Everyone Else To Do His Job, Including A Black Reporter

Once you make it to the top of the corporate ladder, it can easily become second nature to delegate responsibilities and tasks to those below you to the point where you don’t really have to do much. By the look of things, this is an approach Donald Trump may have taken in his past business ventures and is even trying to implement as the president.

That would surely explain the boatload of unqualified appointments of the past few weeks.

However, Trump’s attempts at weaseling his way out of his responsibilities reached a new low today during his highly covered press conference. 

Misty Copeland Speaks Out Against Under Armour After CEO Supports Trump

Under Armour has worked its way into the sporting goods market and has snagged some major athletes as ambassadors, many of which are people of color. So one can see why it would breed conflict after CEO Kevin Plank went on record to say that he felt Donald Trump was “a real asset” to the United States.

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors already made his stance on the president clear in an interview. Another high profile athlete of Under Armour has also come out and taken an even stronger stance than Curry. 

Another Patriot’s Player Won’t Visit White House With Team

As expected, Martellus Bennett was the first domino to fall in what could be an ongoing series during the Trump administration.

After winning the Super Bowl this past Sunday, Bennett told the press he wouldn’t join his teammates on the standard visit to the White House to meet and pose with the president. Defensive back Devin McCourty told TIME Magazine that he also wouldn’t be in attendance. 

New England Patriots Player, Martellus Bennett, Won’t Visit White House With Team

It’s a standard tradition for championship teams to visit the sitting President of the United States at the White House and pose for a photo. They often award him with his very own jersey.

But the United States hasn’t ever had a president like Donald Trump and tradition’s likely to get thrown out of the window at any moment.