Edward James and other members of BYP 100 joined thousands of protesters on Tallahassee on Thursday.

The civil rights groups demanded justice for Marissa Alexander. 

From WSFU:

They’re hoping to get their voices heard to get rid of Angela Corey, the main prosecutor on the case.

Alexander’s case has gained national attention, after she fired a warning shot during an alleged domestic violence dispute with her husband. She initially claimed self-defense, but a judge said it didn’t apply.  She was convicted under Florida’s 10-20-Life law and received a 20-year prison sentence.

She’s since served about two years of that sentence, but will now get a new trial in July—after there were some issues in her first trial. Now, Corey is pursuing a 60-year prison term, and Melissa Byrne says that’s wrong.

“While Marissa faces 60 years in prison for firing a warning shot, the killer of Trayvon Martin faces no time behind bars and the killer of Jordan Davis is facing minor punishment despite killing a teenager in cold blood. The case also demonstrates the failing of a justice system that lets survivors of domestic abuse fall through the cracks,” said Corey.

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Alexander’s case has inspired a coalition of young activists to speak up against what they feel to be injustice at play. The birth of a measure nicknamed the “Warning shot” bill that legally allows someone to threaten the use of force if they believe they’re in danger is also a result of widespread attention to Alexander’s case.

The measure ‘s aim is to fix the unintended consequences of Florida’s 10-20-Life law, one that even the law’s author said wasn’t meant for the prosecution to use in self-defense cases.

Kudos to Edward James, BYP 100 and other civil rights groups for speaking up and speaking out!

Should Angela Corey be fired?

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