Kaepernick Donates $50,000 To Meals On Wheels, Undermines Trump Budget Cuts

Following a series of proposed budget cuts, many fear that President Trump could be taking money away from Meals on Wheels, which helps bring food to senior citizens across the country, many of whom would not have quality food otherwise. To help keep this from happening, Colin Kaepernick donated $50,000 to the program, according to The New York Daily News.

Google Opens Howard West Campus To Foster More Black STEM Careers

The journey to diversify the STEM industry has been long and hasn’t bore much fruit. Just a few weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg spoke to students at an HBCU about how the responsibility to do so falls solely on the industry’s leaders themselves.

Google has stepped up with a major investment into the future of engineering by opening a new campus that will cater to Black college students, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Artist Makeda Lewis on Luck And Her Now Iconic Afro-Feminist Coloring Book

By: L. G. Parker

By now you’ve heard of Atlanta-based artist Makeda Lewis. The 25-year-old multidisciplinary artist’s Avie’s Dreams, an Afro-Feminist coloring book and surrealist poem, has been celebrated by Saint Heron, Nylon, Blavity and more. In its rich pages, uncolored images are accompanied by introspective words that speak to the artists journey as a person as well as Avie’s self-evolution, the book’s central character.

Black 16-Year-Old Builds Nuclear Fusor To Help Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

For the common citizen, the word “nuclear” carries a lot of weight, most of it negative. However, when placed in the right hands, many believe that nuclear power can play a major role in establishing a bright, more eco-friendly future. A 16-year-old from New Jersey may be one of those trusted few to make it happen.

Steven Udotong has dreams you wouldn’t expect from your average teenager. While some of us spent out twilight years focused on tryouts and prom dates, Udotong is looking to build his own nuclear fusor.