Chance The Rapper, Bud Billiken Parade

Chance the Rapper wins BET’s Humanitarian Award at just 24

The wins just keep coming for Chance the Rapper. The Chicago artist’s career continues to grow, he’s earning more clout as a moving force in a changing musical landscape and his work in social justice is continuing to flourish.

On Sunday, Chance was the recipient of BET’s Humanitarian Award, as well as a couple of other surprises. One of which was a video recorded by former First Lady Michelle Obama, congratulating him on all of his success. 

Dave Chappelle donates $50,000 from show to Flint

In his recently released comedy special on Netflix, Dave Chappelle joked that he didn’t make an appearance in Flint, Mich. because he got an invitation to hang out with Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. It’s safe to say he felt he owed them a little something  because he recently donated $50,000 from a Michigan show to a Flint-based charity called The Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

First ‘Black Panther’ trailer drops in epic blackness glory

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers orchestrated the highest scoring first quarter in the history of the NBA Finals on Friday, but there’s a good chance a lot of fans missed a big chunk of it. Instead of watching the Cavs drop 49 points, a lot of us were stuck staring at our phones and computers as we replayed the first trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther

Baltimore 7th grader wins individual chess championsip

Cahree Myrick, 12, is the pride of his community after winning a chess championship. Cahree isn’t just a chess champion, which is a great enough feat on its own. He’s the first individual national youth chess champion in the history of Baltimore after earning a perfect score at in Nashville, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Harvard student Obasi Shaw turns rap album in for thesis project

No more are the days of handing out mixtapes from the trunk of your car. Welcome are the days of finessing Ivy league faculty members into listening to your rap album for a grade. Obasi Shaw has done the unthinkable – unless you’re him. He turned in a 10-track rap album entitled “Liminal Minds” for his thesis at Harvard University. Shaw, an English major, used his love of the art form to merge classic literature and poetry with influences from Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar. 

Notre Dame graduates walk out during Mike Pence commencement

It may be time for Vice President Mike Pence to stop showing up where he isn’t wanted. If being called out by the cast of Hamilton was bad enough, he recently joined the ranks of politicians being booed and ignored while delivering commencements for college graduates.

While Pence was delivering the commencement at the University of Notre Dame and receiving an honorary degree, dozens of graduates stood up and walked out of the ceremony. 

Kobe Bryant sends Jordan Edwards’s brother birthday gifts

Celebrating a birthday, or anything, can be difficult after the loss of a loved one. It’s not difficult to imagine this being the case for Kevon Edwards, 17, who was in the car when a police officer fired a rifle and fatally shot his younger brother, Jordan. The story made national news and is being followed closely as there are more developments  Apparently, retired basketball players are no exception to hearing about the tragic incident.