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Special Election in Georgia 6 Stirs Democratic Base

United States politics is centered around and obsessed with elections. After the 2016 election, many are hoping for a viable challenge to the Trump administration and are looking to the Democratic Party for that challenger. 

But should they?

This week, in a special election for Georgia Congressional District 6, an area just north of Atlanta, Democrat Jon Ossof attempted to rally the Democratic base to take back a historically Republican seat that had been represented by Tom Price, the new Health and Human Services Secretary.

For Karen Smith And Other Black Women Who Seek Freedom When The Misogynoir Is Enough

On an average day in an average month, the presence of misogynoir, even if frequent, is little more than irritating. The typical manifestations—mainly incidents in which a man of virtually any racial background gives disparaging remarks about Black women à la Bill O’Reilly—often make for an interesting, yet brief, groupchat-worthy discussion chock full of eyerolls. But in the last three weeks, the violent displays of misogynoir have become overwhelming and fear-inducing.