Flint official Phil Stair resigns after being recorded saying “ni–ers don’t pay their bills”

A Flint public official has resigned from his position after he was recorded blaming the water crisis on “ni–ers” who “don’t pay their bills.” Phil Stair, the former sales manager at Genesee County Land Bank, was reportedly sitting in a bar  when approached by environmental activist Chelsea Lyons, who was secretly recording the conversation.

New Yorkers try to stop ICE from arresting man, Hardat Sampat, on way to court

Residents in Queens, New York rallied together to try and prevent ICE agents from taking a man into custody on his way to trial. NBC News reports that Hardat Sampat, 35, is an undocumented citizen and a Guyanese national. While he was headed to Queens Criminal Court on Tuesday morning, agents from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department boxed in the car he was in and proceeded to arrest him.

If Black innocence never exists to the state, how can passivism and perfect victimhood save us?

[Banner photo: A headline from The Daily Kos seeming to play up the fact that Jordan Edwards was unarmed and an “honor roll student”]

By Zoé Samudzi

On May 20, Richard Collins III, a young Black soon-to-be graduate of Bowie State University, was murdered by Sean Urbanski, a member of a white supremacist Facebook group called Alt-Reich Nation, whilst waiting for an Uber. The murder will be investigated as a hate crime. In the wake of recent emboldenings of white nationalists across the country, Black Americans are increasingly caught between a state and non-state white supremacist hard place. What does it mean when our sense of freedom and liberation is tied up, in the words of Shannon Houston, in having been trained to negotiate with terrorists?

LeBron James responds to racial slurs spray-painted on L.A. home

Just a few days before the start of the NBA Finals, LeBron James was forced to step away from basketball with the shocking reminder that racism knows no bounds. The future hall of famer spoke to the press after it was revealed that someone spreay-painted racial slurs on the front gate of his Los Angeles residence. NBC reports that the phrase used was “the n-word.”

Noose found in National Museum of African American History

Someone actually paid to leave a noose in the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Y’all, that’s some serious hate. At least, that’s the most logical assumption to make given how tough it is to gain admission into the recently opened beacon of history.

Visitors were the ones who found a noose in the an exhibition on segregation and alerted staff. Investigators then spend three hours looking into the scene and removing the noose before re-opening the exhibit, according to Smithsonian.com

Police ask car accident victim to prove immigration status before helping, then detain him

“You illegal?” That’s the first thing Marcos Antonio Huete heard when approached by a Monroe County sheriff. Just moments earlier, the back wheel of his bike had been clipped by a car. Instead of seeing how he could help him, the officer was asking Huete about his immigration status, according to Univision

Liberation is a 3-step process: Broadening activism’s scope in the wake of the Movement for Black Lives

Contrary to popular belief, the Movement for Black Lives is not solely about police brutality. Bigger than body cameras and electoral politics, the Movement is about Black liberation and freedom for all Black people.

Liberation and freedom are unconventional in the sense that the system under which society currently operates makes those two realities impossible. In order to achieve them we need radical transformation, but how do we get there?