Lynchings and Lies: Why Ida B. Wells’ Legacy Might Be The Answer To Donald Trump

The US has a long record of violence against Black Americans, especially in the form of public lynchings. Paying close attention to this history, and how these actions are often seen as justified, can explain how today’s political violence against Muslims, Mexicans, and refugees continues to be normalized in this society.

This week, I read a compilation of investigative journalist Ida B. Wells’ writings entitled, On Lynchings, which discusses anti-Black extra-judicial violence and murder in the United States in the post-Reconstruction period.

Base To Dems: Get With It Or Get Lost

What do you call a party that refuses to represent the interests of its base in an increasingly critical time in U.S. politics?

Soon to be over.

Since the beginning of this decade, the Democratic Party has continuously grown more and more out of touch with their base. We saw it in the 2014 midterms, when the decision to swing to the center and distance themselves from Obama resulted in sound defeat in Congressional races. We saw it in the heavily contested Democratic primary, as more and more traditionally left-leaning people began to critique, if not outright reject, the political establishment.

Remembering Our Black Radical History: The MOVE 9

On May 13, 1985, Philadelphia city leadership and the Philadelphia Police Department carried out an attack on a group of Black radical individuals and families, bombing and killing 11 people – including 5 children. The group was the MOVE organization, founded by John Africa and emphasizes family and our life’s connection to nature – the attack was carried out after years of mounting tensions between the police and MOVE.

Los Angeles Works To Decriminalize Street Vending

Street vending is a core part of the culture of many of the world’s major cities. But, perhaps, none are as deeply connected to it as Los Angeles, where some estimate there are more than 10,000 street vendors operating in the city.

With the looming threats of a Trump administration, Los Angeles lawmakers are doing what they can to decriminalize the technically illegal industry to prevent it from leading to a surge in deportations among undocumented citizens. 

African Union Criticizes Trump’s Muslim Ban

As one of the most developed countries in the world, the United States’s policies and decision rarely only affect its own citizens. President Donald Trump’s recently introduced Muslim ban is a very clear example of this.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is watching and openly commenting on the decisions being made by our leadership. The African Union is the latest to do so after three of the seven countries targeted in the ban – Sudan, Libya and Somalia – are African nations. 

How Trump’s concern trolling about Black crime is a trap for well-meaning progressives

In a sign of things to come for Black communities under the new administration, President Trump threatened federal intervention to address the “carnage” that is Chicago’s gun violence in a tweet last Tuesday night:


Though what he meant by “send in the Feds” is still unclear, Trump has used Chicago’s violence in the past to justify “tough on crime” policies that cause even further harm to the very communities experiencing the brunt of this violence. One can expect his threatening fix to once again be just more anti-Black violence in a cheap disguise.