A Michigan police officer yanked a young mother’s head back and hacked off her hair while she was in custody. And it’s all been recorded on video.

The incident, which took place at a Warren, Michigan jail was captured by surveillance cameras placed in the facility. 

From 7 Action News:

At many jails, prisoners are required to remove hair extensions that clip in because they could be used as a weapon or to commit suicide. But Charda Gregory didn’t have clip in extensions.  She had a weave that was sewn right into her real hair. […]

Even though there’s no audio on the video from inside the Warren Jail, you can see Gregory kick her legs and writhe in pain as the officer plunges scissors into her hair, hacking away at the weave that was sewn into braids on her scalp. […] “I was confused.  I didn’t know what happened and what was going on,” said Gregory.

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According to Gregory, she attended a party in Detroit on Nov. 13, where she believes someone drugged her. She had a few drinks and woke up at the Suez Motel in Warren with no idea how she got there. Gregory got arrested for trashing the room.

By the time she was brought into lock up, Gregory had been pepper sprayed, but appeared calm on the video. The video also shows that she can barely stand as she comes face to face with Officer Bernadette Najor.

Najor pushes Gregory against the wall twice, then goes for her hair, dragging her to a restraining chair to tie down her arms and legs. Najor then yanks Gregory’s head from side to side as she chops out chunks of her hair for 3 full minutes. Najor has since been fired.

Watch the video here.

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