Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly Blames ‘Black Lives Matter’ For “Killing Americans”

We don’t spend a lot of time covering Bill O’Reilly’s hot takes because they’re usually just that. They’re often contrarian by design and outlandish enough to not be taken at face value. But some of his recent comments must be addressed.

This past week, O’Reilly went on-air to to blame the Black Lives Matter movement and what’s being called the “Ferguson Effect” on a supposed new crime wave.

BALTIMORE, MD - MAY 12:  Edward Nero (C), a Baltimore police officer who was involved in Freddie Gray's arrest, exits the Baltimore City Circuit Court after the first day of his trial on May 12, 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland.  This is the second trial related to the death of Freddie Gray, who died while in police custody.

Officer Acquitted on All Charges in Murder of Freddie Gray

Monday saw another disappointment for many in the Black community, as a police officer who involved in the murder of Freddie Gray, the black man who suffered a fatal spinal cord injury while in police custody, was acquitted on four charges. This brought up questions about whether or not any of the six police officers who were charged would be convicted in connection with Gray’s death.

Louisiana State Police

Louisiana Prepares To Pass “Blue Lives Matter” Bill

After the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement, multiple attempts at creating contrary movements followed. Among them was “Blue Lives Matter,” a phrase used by supporters of police officers who feel that they’re often mistreated and go unappreciated for the services they provide.

In an attempt to further protect police officers from attacks – which are now being deemed as hate crimes – the state of Louisiana is on the verge of passing what’s being called the “Blue Lives Matter Bill,” officially known as HB953, which was State Rep. Lance Harris, according to CNN. It was reportedly inspired after Darren Goforth, a Texas sheriff’s deputy, was shot and killed while last August while in uniform.

Michael Slager

Former South Carolina Officer Faces Federal Charges In Walter Scott Shooting

About a year ago, in April 2015, a video shocked the masses when it showed what clearly appeared to be a police officer shooting a fleeing black man in the back and then planting a taser by his dead body.

Michael Slager, the former South Carolina officer that was captured in the video shooting Walter Scott, has been brought up on three federal charges on top of the state charges, including murder, he’s already facing, according to HuffPost.

Baltimore Replica Gun

Baltimore Police Shoot 13-Year-Old Who Was Holding A Replica Gun

A 13-year-old boy was shot and wounded by a Baltimore police officer on Wednesday afternoon. Police Commissioner Kevin Davis claims that two plain clothes officers spotted him wielding what turned out to be a “replica gun” from their unmarked vehicle.

“They identified themselves as police officers to this young man, [and] the young man took off on foot with the gun in his hand,” Davis said, according to the Washington Post

Detroi School Tear Gas

Detroit Police Use Pepper Spray During High School Fight

A false fire alarm at Detroit’s Central Collegiate Academy broke out into fights among students that ended with police intervention. According to reports from FOX2, the alarm went off around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon and students claim that bottles and rocks were being thrown at them while they were outside. A brawl reportedly started among students and police used pepper spray to calm the crowd.


Salt Lake City Teen Shot By Police While Carrying a Broomstick

Abdi Mohamed, 17, of Salt Lake City, Utah, is currently in a coma and fighting for his life after being shot three times by police this past weekend. Mohamed was reportedly holding a broomstick when police arrived and was shot after being ordered to drop it, according to New York Daily News.

According to authorities, police arrived to break up a fight that Mohamed was involved and actively used the broomstick as a weapon in.