At a press conference on Monday, Chance the Rapper promised to donate $1 Million to Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Chance spoke after experiencing frustration in conversations with Governor Bruce Rauner, who has promised and failed to fund Chicago Public Schools.

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Chance lamented that CPS would have to close 13 days early this year, leaving kids without adult supervision for a period of time in the summer. Chance said that CPS students should not lose out because of political fighting and posturing.

Chance challenged other corporations to donate to help keep CPS schools funded and  making up for the $215 Million that was intended for CPS last year but was ultimately vetoed by Rauner. Rauner’s actions have left CPS with a large budget deficit this fiscal year.

Chance said that $10,000 of the $1 Million would go specifically to Wescott Elementary School, where he gave his press conference this afternoon.

Photo Credits: Twitter