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Special Election in Georgia 6 Stirs Democratic Base

United States politics is centered around and obsessed with elections. After the 2016 election, many are hoping for a viable challenge to the Trump administration and are looking to the Democratic Party for that challenger. 

But should they?

This week, in a special election for Georgia Congressional District 6, an area just north of Atlanta, Democrat Jon Ossof attempted to rally the Democratic base to take back a historically Republican seat that had been represented by Tom Price, the new Health and Human Services Secretary.

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The Banality of Ivanka Trump

“Before women can work to reconstruct society we must reject the notion that obtaining power in the existing social structure will necessarily advance feminist struggle to end sexist oppression. It may allow numbers of women to gain greater material privilege, control over their destiny, and the destiny of others, all of which are important goals. It will not end male domination as a system.”

–bell hooks, Feminist Theory from Margin to Center

Feminist theorist bell hooks has deeply questioned white feminist notions of power, noting that power–even in the hands of women–that is defined by domination simply reproduces systems of oppression. This quote is particularly pertinent, as Ivanka Trump has become a federal employee this past week, and it appears that her use of power will be used to maintain the order and domination of her father’s disastrous presidency.

Abortion rights

Senate Blocks Funding for Abortion, Reproductive Health Providers

Last week, Congressional Republicans, with Vice President Mike Pence, voted to allow states to block $200 million in Title X federal funding to abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood. This move reverses a rule put in place by President Obama that was intended to protect federal family planning funding for abortion and reproductive health providers.

Trump to Sign Executive Order Cutting Climate Regulations

Today, Donald Trump will sign an executive order at the Environmental Protections Agency cutting Obama-era regulations enforced by the government.

The Trump administration claims that protecting American jobs is more important than protecting the environment, and will roll back policies that prevent coal mining on federal lands. It will also mandate that the federal government conduct a review the Clean Power Plan Initiative (which caps power plant emissions), and identify rules that are “impediments to American energy independence.”

Missing Black and Latinx Teens Need Our Attention

Last week, the Washington, D.C. Police Department informed the public that around 10 Black and brown teenage girls had gone missing. According to The Washington Post, the girls had gone missing in January, as had around 200 other individuals (apparently typical for the DC area). There has been no spike in missing children–the police are just using social media to publicize the story. However, this story is important due to the lack of media attention around missing Black and Latinx children.