Yesterday we broke news that a North Carolina police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man 10 times as he sought help would not be indicted.

At the time, there was not an immediate explanation available for the grand jury’s decision, but we have now learned that a lack of evidence was cited as the reason for the dismissal. 

From NBC News:

In a handwritten note, Mecklenburg County grand jurors said there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Officer Randall Kerrick, 28, for voluntary manslaughter and asked the state attorney general’s to refile the case with lesser charges.

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In the early hours of Sept. 14, police were called after Jonathan Ferrell pounded on a resident’s door in Charlotte after being involved in a car accident.

Officers responded to the 911 call, first striking the unarmed victim with a taser as he ran towards them.

Ferrell was later shot to death by Officer Randall Kerrick. Prosecutors plan to resubmit the case under charges of voluntary manslaughter after learning that not all of the grand jurors were present for the decision.

A rally in protest of the grand jury’s decision is scheduled for tonight in Charlotte.

What do you think of the grand jury making the decision when all jurors were not present?

What about their “lack of evidence” claim?

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