A Chicago activist was shot and killed in front of her home moments after leaving an anti-violence event on Friday evening.

Leonore Draper, 32, sat on the committee of an anti-violence non-profit called A Charitable Confection. 

From ABC News:

Police officers heard the gunshots around 10:30 Friday night in the 1300 block of West 116th in the West Pullman neighborhood.

A budget analyst for Chicago Public Schools and a freelance make-up artist, 32-year-old Leonore Draper was committed to fighting gun violence on Chicago’s city streets. […] Draper was coming home from a fundraiser Friday night when she was shot and killed while sitting in her car on Chicago’s Far South Side.

“She was sitting in the car dropping her husband off who is handicapped,” said neighbor Andrew Loss. “Some little girl was taking the man into the house. Then when the little girl came back out the lady, she was dead.”

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So far, investigators do not believe Draper was the intended target and say she may have been caught in the crossfire of what appears to have been a drive-by shooting. No one is in custody.

Such sad sad news. Our condolences to Mrs. Draper’s family during this difficult time.

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