A Discussion with Mariame Kaba On The #ByeAnita Campaign and Grassroots Organizing

There are very few activists today who can boast the experience and accomplishments of Mariame Kaba. The New York native, whose work brought her to Chicago for over 20 years, is an educator, organizer, and curator whose work “focuses on ending violence, dismantling the prison industrial complex, transformative justice and supporting youth leadership development.” She has worked tirelessly to create a more just world for marginalized communities. And now, Kaba has created a video about the Chicago effort to successfully oust Anita Alvarez, the ex-State’s Attorney for Cook County, Illinois who lost her Democratic primary to Kim Foxx in March 2016.

We had the chance to ask Kaba about her work on this campaign, her reasons for creating the video, and what the implications are for social organizing today.

Protestors March In Cities Across the U.S. Following Trump Victory

There was a variety of reactions to Donald Trump’s election victory on Tuesday. Those who voted for him openly celebrated while those who didn’t are likely still experiencing some of the five stages of grief.

While the President-elect took the opportunity to say that he’ll work on unifying the country during his acceptance speech, the protests that took place in various cities show how this will be much harder to accomplish than he may believe. 

Off-Duty Chicago Police Officer Shoots Man In Mt. Greenwood

What various media outlets are reporting as a road rage incident ended tragically as an off-duty Chicago police officer fatally shot Joshua Beal, 25, in the city’s Mt. Greenwood neighborhood.

DNA Info reports that Beal was sitting in a car that was blocking the driveway of a Chicago Fire Department on Saturday afternoon. When a firefighter asked him to move, Beal reportedly left his vehicle and a fight began. Moments later, a CPD sergeant was on his way to work and noticed the scene. 

Chicago Teachers Reach An Agreement With Mayor Emanuel But Students Remain Underserved

This past Tuesday would have been the second time the Chicago Teachers Union went on strike since Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office in 2011 – if there were a strike.

For weeks there has been conversation and preparation for a strike in Chicago Public Schools, the largest school district in the state and third largest in the nation, however Mayor Emanuel managed to avoid the fallout at the last second and both sides reached an agreement. CPS teachers will get pay raises, pensions, and job security. Legally teachers are only allowed to strike over pay and benefits, so how do we meet the needs of students?

Gazebo Where Tamir Rice Was Shot Being Sent To Chicago

The gazebo where Tamir Rice was shot by Cleveland Police for holding a toy gun has become a landmark of sorts. It’s turned into a place for collective mourning and a reminder of the same justice system that allowed the officers to walk away free.

The physical reminder of Rice’s death, and, to be quite honest, a somber memorial to black death, is being moved to the South Side of Chicago. 

Internet Campaign Raises $300,000 For Elderly Chicago Popsicle Salesman

Fidencio Sanchez, 89, lost his only daughter this past July. According to CBS, she was his main means of support and her loss forced him to devote even more time to his business to make ends meet. That business was selling fruit popsicles, commonly referred to as “paletas” in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood.

When Joel Cervantes Macias was driving by and saw his elder working so hard, he felt moved. After buying 20 paletas and giving him $50, he took a picture and posted it to his Facebook.

Rapper and Activist Jessica Disu Releases New Video For ‘This Is Not A Drill’

Chicago native Jessica Disu, also known as FM Supreme, is an activist and rapper who reps her city everyday. Many were introduced to her when she stood up for police abolition on Fox News but there is so much more to this young organizer. Her new video for the powerful song, “This is not a drill” details the ways that her activism is informed by her community, her experiences, and her faith.