Chicago Police

Rahm Emanuel Calls For Community Meetings Over Police Reform

Tensions between police officers and citizens may be at an all-time high. That fact is even more true in cities where long-standing histories of police violence are becoming public knowledge and being pushed to the forefront with multiple investigations.

In response, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to hold several meetings throughout the city in August that will bring police officers, local politicians and community members together to come up with police reform strategies, according to the Chicago Tribune

Jamila Woods Blk Girl Soldier

Jamila Woods Gives Us #BlackGirlMagic Anthem In “Blk Girl Soldier”

Jamila Woods’ “Blk Girl Soldier” references #BlackGirlMagic, “deja vu of Tubman” and the constant dismissal of black women and their struggles regardless of their constant support.

The video shows the Chicago singer, songwriter and poet wearing a shawl made of hair beads and a bandolier with hair rollers in the place of shot gun shells. She then goes on to name women that played an integral role in black empowerment over the decades, including Rosa Parks, Ella Baker, Angela Davis and Assata Shakur.


Chicago High School Students Given Moldy Breakfast Food

For many students, their most dependable meals throughout the day come from schools, many of which offer lunch, breakfast and even an after-school snack in some cases. But what are they expected to do when the food they get is covered in mold?

Students at Chicago’s West Town Academy had to ask themselves that very question when opened their food at breakfast to find that it was covered in mold and totally unsafe to eat.

“I opened the package and once I opened it I noticed the corner had mold on it,” student Janiah Dean told FOX 32.

Image via Erik Hersman

The November Election Is Much More than Trump vs. Clinton

As 2016 rolls on, the upcoming presidential election is shaping up to be a showdown between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and bigoted billionaire Donald Trump. For left-leaning voters who don’t find the prospect of another Clinton presidency appealing, or who are disillusioned by the entire two-party system itself, skipping the polls on November 8th appears to be a better alternative.

Bathroom debate over transgender bathroom access.

Chicago Schools Are Ending The Transgender Bathroom Debate

Debates are occurring across the country about bathrooms and how they should be used by people of transgender experience. Some states (like North Carolina) are attempting to pass laws that would require people to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender they were assigned at birth, regardless of how they identify today. Chicago has officially made their stance known – they’ll allow students and faculty to use the bathrooms for the genders they identify with rather than how they were assigned at birth.