Milwaukee native Victoria Liddell seeks to inspire. Through her modeling, motivational speaking and spoken word pieces, she wants to let everyone know that they can be victorious. 

In her latest piece, “Behind the Veil: God’s Victory,” Liddell seeks to promote independent self-worth, and increase the self-esteem of black and brown girls and women around the world. 

From YouTube:

We come from the same ‘One-ness’ … let’s leave the life of the oppressor behind, and become up-lifters… #LOVE   #GodIntentions  #VictoriousByNature

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Check out Behind the Veil:

In her work, Victoria sheds light on how cruel we can be to those in our communities, and challenges us to stop and think about the “death that comes from our mouths.”

Is she correct in her assertion that we should judge less and love more when it comes to tackling issues within the black community?

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