Fact: The transgender community is one of the most at risk communities in regards to violence and hate crimes.

Fact: This tradition of harm is often made worse when casually “joked” about in both private and open settings.

Fact: Lil Duval made some trash ass transphobic jokes this past weekend and members and supporters of the trans community are livid.
This past weekend, New York hip-hop radio station had comedian Lil Duval on as a guest for a segment. The conversation between Duval and hosts DJ Envy, Charlemagne Tha God and quickly – somehow? – turned from politics to the reaction the comedian would have if he was involved with a trans woman.

The conversation in question starts around the 6:30 mark in the video located below.

Since the comments went live, Duval was called out by plenty of people on Twitter, including Laverne Cox, who pointed out that the radio show had just welcomed Janet Mock earlier that week. A #BoycottBreakfastClub hashtag was even started to bring up how the shows support of Duval’s comment by laughing along.


As expected, instead of apologizing or at least acknowledging that his “jokes” were made in bad taste, Duvall tried to brush off the controversy and hang on the same stand-up routine he performed over a decade ago.

Hopefully, this could be turned into a learning experience for others who share Duval’s mentality.

Oh, what’s this? Never mind…