Straight people believe they have the authority to look at our happy queer selves and claim we are "Destroying the Black Family™"

-JeCorey Holder

by JeCorey Holder

So here we are, minding our magical, savory, Black business. Letting sons express themselves with femme aesthetics. Gay fathers taking care of their little ones. Lesbian couples looking stylish and posing with their equally stylish children. And more queer family things.

You know, just being generally amazing. As we in the LGBTQ+ community often do. Harmless, right?

Now, perhaps someone could let me know why cis straight people who are perpetuating some of the most toxic-ass dysfunctional relationships you can think of seem to believe that they have the Black-ass authority to look at our happy queer selves and claim we are “Destroying the Black Family™”.  

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So many queer Black couples are literally out here raising the kids that straight people did not want and they are met with scoffs, judgement, and claims that they are contributing to “Black genocide”. I believe that’s one hell of a reach, and a projection.

Make it make sense.

Sexuality aside, single Black mothers raising boys still aren’t safe from this unwarranted scrutiny either. Let her post a recording of her adorable boy in anything remotely “feminine”, having the nerve to be happy, and you’ll get a comment section full of basic bitter straights being utterly disgusted with her and the mere thought of a little boy expressing himself. Even resorting to physically threatening her and the child with violence. Because a woman is happy, allowing her happy effeminate son to exist in the world.

Black folks who cry about “Black people killing each other” in one breath and turn right around and wish violence upon and erase our most vulnerable communities in the next breath are hugely hypocritical. Queerphobia kills Black people and Black families every day.

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Gamer, geek, and social activist. JeCorey Holder has been weaving tapestries of shade and fury since the early 2000’s. Pro-LGBTQ, pro-black, and pro intersectional feminism, he is full of feelings and opinions that try to call out and tear down the oppressive status quo.