Now this is a must see.

If you’re an R&B fan, odds are you’ve listenend to D’Angelo’s legendary sophomore album Voodoo about 600,000 times.

Now over 12 years old, Voodoo still stands as the best R&B album of recent memory. And D’angelo’s downright torturous absence from the music scene following this creative high point has only bolstered the record’s mystic.

And that’s why this video is so special. Filmed during the final stages of Voodoo’s creation, this promo video captures D in the studio sharing some tracks with Eric Clapton and Chris Rock, sightseeing in Cuba, and speaking candidly about his upbringing, spirituality and artistry.

At just 7 minutes, it’s more than worth a look. Check it out below.


It’s been said a billions times now in the Black blogosphere, but D’Angelo’s Voodoo is a massive, watershed moment of an album; recalling the past yet pushing way ahead of its time, and inspiring an entire generation in the process.

?uestlove, a major collaborator on the record, summed up Voodoo this way:

It was a love for the dead state of black music, a love to show our idols how much they taught us.

This was the love movement.

And this was the beginning.

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