When East Chicago Central High School student Kendall Brown heard a crash just outside his house, he immediately grabbed his brother and sister and led them to safety. 

The crash he heard was closer than he thought. The vehicle had actually crashed into the side of his home. 

From NWI Times:

Once Keon took his siblings across the street, he ran back to the car because he noticed a young boy screaming and flailing in the backseat. Keon and his neighbor pulled him to safety.

Keon also heard some rumbling under the deployed airbag in the front seat. Keon realized the sounds were those of a woman, later identified as Dialma Diaz, choking and shaking profusely and apparently suffering from a seizure.

“I kept thinking the car was going to catch fire, so I dragged her out and noticed she was choking on her tongue,” Keon said. “I just reacted and did what I had to do, to give her a chance to live.”

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To keep the woman from choking, Keon pulled her tongue out of her throat. BNoth mother and son were hospitalized with minor injuries.

Because of Keon, both will make a full recovery.

In a situation of sheer panic, Keon reacted quickly, saving the lives of two people in the process.


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